Hi, I am Belinda, Welcome to Techniques Tutor.

Techniques Tutor is a place where I can share online art & creativity lessons for people of all levels to people all over the world køb viagra

WHO is Belinda?
I am a professional artist & illustrator and I have been teaching art techniques in my local area since 2010. Originally from Sydney, I am now located just about an hour away on Sydney’s Central Coast.  I live here with my two boys surrounded (and inspired) by a great mix of waterways, beach and bush settings which I absolutely love.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, in that, I work in a wide range of materials across multiple works sometimes switching from acrylics, to mixed media or coloured pencils sometimes all in the one artwork but just as often singularly across one art piece.  My style can also vary (just to be a bit complicated) and be in either completely abstract or realism styles and anywhere in between. I just tend to call these contemporary artworks :). If you would like  to see more of my artwork please head on over to my > art website.

Why I started this site?

I created the Techniques Tutor website for a few reasons, firstly many people have approached me saying they would love to attend my classes but they aren’t local to me so this is a way that I can connect with those people who aren’t in my physical location.

Also, I have found that some people either do not like a group class and/or don’t have the time to sit and dedicate a whole day/term to a class environment and would like to work at their own pace to fit into their own schedule.

Other enquiries have also told me that they simply cannot find classes in our local area that just teach the basics in art. Many people I talk to, who are looking to attend a class are either returning to art after a long period away and need a refresher or they have never been shown how to use materials and art techniques and therefore are anxious about attending a class where everyone seems to know what they are doing. 

SO, How can I help I thought?  I love sharing my knowledge and helping people find joy in creating, and I also love connecting with people and I love love love it when I can help them find their joy and what works for them so this website has been born, Let’s give this a go…

How does it work?

We are just launching this site in mid-2018, so whilst we are new we will be refining how it all works based on what works for you. I have used my experiences as a website designer & attendee of many other art classes online to try to offer something a bit different.

TT is a hybrid of classes in which you can just 1. Purchase A class in your chosen subject and do it at your own pace you can download the class materials and keep them and rewatch them as often as you like or 2. For those you who like a bit of guidance along the way or want to take multiple class you can subscribe where you can gain access to ALL classes as well as ADDITIONAL videos classes, demos & community & support from Belinda to keep you inspired motivated and building on the lessons you have taken in the main site. Read more> about how it works in more detail.


Why take this class with Belinda / Techniques Tutor?

Acrylics Basics Online Class - Screenshot - ExcerciseSpecial care and consideration have been taken to ensure all classes are not just information and demo videos but also give you PRACTICAL exercises to get you started and support materials to refer back to like you would get in a real-life class.

I also provide a companion book with ALL classes for you to download and refer to step by step which is great for people who like to print things out but also so that you can have more information to the videos. 

So why Belinda? In all my years of art, I have learnt the most by DOING. I am a massive fan of giving it a go and seeing what works for you!  Studying and watching other people is a great way to start but having a go at it yourself and experimenting for you I believe this is the BEST way that can get you started and everyone has to start somewhere right?  The benefit for you is that I can share with you my ethos of overall encouragement as well as the multiple ways of creating (I don’t believe yours has to look like mine or like anyone else’s).  I am not stuck in my own ONE way or my own ONE style as such and as I like to work in a variety of different mediums and styles I can share with you multiple techniques and ways of learning new things that I hope you can then take to build your own way of working and find things you like to create. 

What I like to bring to the table is not a list of shoulds and shouldn’ts but a way of exploring as what works for you might not work for me, but hey lets try it and see and let me share with you what I know to help you push through that and find your way. 

I like to encourage my students to let go of the self-limiting beliefs and blocks around how should be done and come back having fun with creativity, we are not here necessarily to create a masterpiece we are just here to explore have fun and I am here to help you along the way.

I plan on delivering more juicy classes to help you try something new and my inspiration comes from my classes and my students who ask me how to do something and then I can help them find the path. 

Where to go next?

If you have more questions please head on over to our FAQ’s or contact the TT team via email. 

If you would like to take a class please head on over to our classes page. A FREE art class will be coming very soon to give you a taster. More classes will be coming in the second half of 2018, and if you have a class you would like to do please just ask so we can put it on the list.