Acrylic Painting Basics – Online Class

Would you like to get started with Acrylic painting but just don’t know where to start?

Watch the intro video for more details information about this class.
Video approx: 5mins

Do you find you…

 Have very basic or no knowledge of painting at all and would like to learn more.

 If you have no experience or little with Acrylic painting in general.

 Would like to gain confidence in mixing acrylic paints and types of paints to use.

 If you would like to use acrylic paints with other materials such as mixed media.

 interested in learning an intuitive way to work with paints and art projects and would like to kick start with some inspiration in working in different ways. 

This is the basics starters course so it covers the fundamentals of working with Acrylics. You do not need to know how to draw/paint in order to follow these lessons, all you need are some basic supplies and these classes are purely about learning techniques and jumping in and getting started.

When you take this course you will receive: 

Acrylic Basics Online Class - Companion BookInstant access to the all of the course materials.

  • There are 8 lesson videos for you to watch in the Acrylics Basics Class. (Videos range from 8mins to 20mins approx.).
  • There is a lesson on paints, which types to use and demonstration for you to watch on acrylic paints
  • There are tips, instructions and step by step lessons with 3 class exercises for you to complete to help you on your way.
  • You also gain access to a resources page for you to download all the reference photos, used in the class and as a BONUS you also have access to download more reference photos to use in additional artworks and website links to help you along the way.
  • You can also download the Acrylics Basics Companion Book (PDF). This has been designed to be your companion when you take the class and also gives you tips and step by steps. This is great if you like to print things out and follow along that way as well as watching the videos. 

This class is work at your own pace and the videos & class materials are yours to download & keep forever!!

These classes are structured with videos which have intentionally been made to be kept short and you are not required to purchase a bunch of materials to get started we start with the basics and are not brand specific. 

Sneak peek photos from the class:

At the end of this class, you will know the basics of getting started with Acrylic Painting & have gained confidence in using acrylic paint in both a smooth painting technique as well as an impasto painting technique. Following this, there are also heaps of tips to help support you in your next painting adventure and suggestions on ways to progress and improve from there

Start your journey learning Acrylic Painting today, choose which class option that suits you.

Acrylics Basics Class – $19.00 inc GST

Includes: View & download this class to keep forever. Work at your own pace.
Access to class content, access to Resource page & Companion Ebook to print if you wish and follow along with.
Access to our TT support group on Facebook. *includes GST

Materials List

I always encourage you not to go out and buy a whole bunch of materials, I have designed this class so that you can do the exercises with minimal outlay As a guide this class you will need: 

  • Surface to work on can be 1 or 2 pieces Watercolour paper (Cheaper Brands are fine sold in pads in the $2- shop) or (canvas pad) (around $5- for two in a small size)
  • Water & Water Jars
  • 1-2 brushes minimum, 1 smaller 1 larger soft bristles
  • A palette for mixing paint on (can use a plastic plate)
  • Acrylic paint (white and a couple of colours types of paint are described in the class, Spotlight sells paint for $2 a bottle)
  • Paper towel or rag to wipe your brush

There is a whole lesson on what you will need watch the FREE video lesson that describes this in more detail.

All prices quoted are including GST.

Technical requirements: you will just need to know basic computer skills browsing the internet to watch these videos and a decent internet connection. (If you can visit a website and watch Youtube videos you can use this class). You may download the lessons and watch at a later time if your internet connection is poor. 

More from the class:


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