One question I always get asked in no matter which art class I host, is where can i buy that?

In Australia or suppliers are somewhat different to the US & UK were they can get just about anything on Amazon or at Dick Blick. Doesn’t happen here. So here are a list of my favourite materials and where you can buy them both offline and online køb viagra. I also purchase in bulk art materials for my live workshops that save us both postage / shipping costs. Visit my online shop or contact me to see if i have something in stock that you may need or click on the links below to go directly to the product.



I use acrylic & dye based inks in my work alot! There are many types of inks that you can use these are the types and brands I use the most. Note: other inks are great but for a different application, if you have other inks and they aren’t working it could be because they are made up of different materials or consistency to these.

Name:Where to buy: How they are used, why I love them.Link / Location:
Schmincke Aero ColourThe inks are bright vibrant and mix well together. I use these with a paint brush, directly onto the canvas & in a waterbrush.
Golden Artist Acrylic InksArtstore OnlineThese inks are thicker than the others. I like this so that I can use them thick and water them down if need ed.


Acrylic Paints

I have a few favourites of Acrylic paints I like to use. I will different types of paints depending upon the project I am working on so whether that be working on paper / artjournal, on canvas, on wood as well as the texture of the project I would like. See the basics introduction video for more explanation.

NameWhere to buyHow they are used, why I love them.Link / Location:
Used for paper and on artjournals or as a background. because I can draw over the top as they have a matt finish.


Coloured Pencils

There are many places you can buy pencils these days, most art shops have them but they aren’t always sold in open stock (buying one at a time) so here are a few online options that I have purchased from personally. If you are looking for general pencils & paper please always check your local art store. 

NameWhere to buyHow they are used, why I love them.Link / Location: