This course is for people who would like to learn the techniques for working with coloured pencils.

This is the starters course so it covers the fundamentals. You do not need to know how to draw in order to follow these lessons, these are purely about techniques not drawing.

In this course we cover:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Pencils

  • Types of pencils, supports and tools that you can use when creating coloured pencil art

  • Different types of strokes to use, and hopefully, you have discovered which ones you like 

  • Pressure, how to gauge your own pressure and why it’s important

  • Layering, how to build layers 

  • Values how to look at your artwork in terms of values/tones and how that relates to creating and improving your artwork as you go along

  • Blending, blending tools and different ways to blend pencils

  • The coloured pencil process – in the bonus lesson I have shown you how the whole process works from start to finish


In this course I walk you through step by step guiding you through learning techniques which will allow you at the end to be able to take your own reference photo and create your own realistic artwork in pencils.

When you take this course you will receive: 

Coloured Pencil Starters Companion BookInstant access to all of the course materials.

  • There are 10 lessons for you to follow along with (13 videos in total) 
  • Most lessons also contain a step by step task for you to work along with, I encourage you to do this just as you would in a live class.
  • You also gain access to a resources page for you to download all the reference photos, used in the class and as a BONUS you also have access to download more reference photos to use in additional artworks and website links to help you along the way.
  • Access to the Coloured Pencil Starters Companion Book (PDF) 21 pages in total. This has been designed to be your companion when you take the class and also gives you tips and step by steps. This is great if you like to print things out and follow along that way as well as watching the videos. 
  • Access to our Private Facebook community group, where you can post your questions, your progress shots of your work and where you can connect with Belinda so she can help you out along the way. 

This class is work at your own pace and the videos & class materials are yours to download & keep forever!!

What do you actually learn?

In this course there are 9 lessons and a Summary (below is a screenshot of the navigation of the class). 

Each lesson has been specifically designed to take you through the fundamentals and will build from the last lesson, so at the end you will have the skills and experience to take it on your own køb viagra. There are exercises as well as videos, so you are encouraged to watch the videos do the exercises and then post your work in our private facebook group to get some help along the way.

At the end of this class, you will know the fundamental techniques of working with coloured pencils.

There is also a BONUS lesson where you can watch Over My Shoulder as I create a pear artwork from start to finish. Pear Bonus Lesson - Techniques Tutor

Here are some more screen grabs from the class.

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Materials needed for this class: 

Here is a list of materials you will need, this is so you can gather these things and get them ready.

  Stonehenge Paper is recommended (Available from most art shops), or very good quality paper

  4 coloured pencils ( a white, a dark value, medium value, light value) Prismacolor, Faber Castell Polychromos, Luminance are preferable. 

  A lead pencil and a ruler

  A Sharpener which sharpens your pencils to a sharp tip

OPTIONAL: for Blending at towards the end (see 2-Blending video):
– Felt, Colourless Blender, Old/Cheap paint brush, BlueTac, Removable Tape, Zestit Solvent.

More information is provided in the course about types of pencils, papers etc. Please contact Belinda if you wish for more info before you register. 

Coloured Pencils Starter Class – $49.95 inc GST

Includes: View & download this class to keep forever. Work at your own pace.
Access to class content, access to Resource page & Companion Ebook to print if you wish and follow along with.
Access to our TT support group on Facebook.

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