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Techniques Tutor is a unique online platform for artists of all abilities. From the total beginner to the seasoned artist this site will provide you with tips and tricks that will encourage your confidence and increase your skills. Techniques Tutor is an online platform that grows with you as your artistic skills develop. Check out of FAQ’s below for the details on how the site works and how membership will benefit you.

If you have a question that is not listed here please just contact Belinda. 


You can chose to pay for a class either as a one-off payment to pay for the class content OR you can chose to subscribe to the TT support group which includes ongoing support in the form of a Facebook group & access to additional lessons. This subscription is for a 3-month membership (billed quarterly) and can cancelled at any time.
Please understand that as soon as you cancel your membership you will be removed from the facebook group.  However, you always have forever access to the classroom content you have purchased on the website.

After purchasing your class, you will be able to login to the TT website and gain access to your class content. Each class contains both text and video on the page. As you complete each lesson you can scroll down the page to the next lesson in the class. If you wish you may go through the class and download each of the videos to watch at a later time.
Each class also comes with a bonus companion book (PDF) that you can download and print out / work through at your leisure. The companion book is a summary of the videos and contains key information covered in the class as well written step by step exercises to follow.  As part of your class, you will also gain access to a Class Resources page which will contain downloadable reference photos and links to websites that will help you find more information in your art journey. 

If you signed-up to be part of the membership support group, please pop a question in the facebook group for Belinda to answer. Posting in the group also helps other members of the community and then you can also get help through the questions other people have asked as well. Each month Belinda will do a monthly round up of questions in video, you are free to post questions anytime.

There is no ongoing support if you have purchased a one off class. If you would like to join the support group and you have already purchased a class please email Belinda for further details.

You will receive access to the class content straight away. Our site will automatically direct you to the Lessons page plus you will receive an email directing you back to this page for your next login.

To gain access to the private Facebook group if you join our membership subscription, please check your email for the link to request access to the group. Please allow up to 48 hours for this to be processed.

TT Membership can be cancelled at anytime. Upon cancellation you will be removed from all future classes & the facebook support group. Classes purchased as one off classes and during your subscription are yours to keep forever. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so yourself on your account page or email

Once you have purchased a class the class is yours to keep forever. You can download the class materials and watch them later or you can login to your account and view the content of the classes available at your time of purchase.

If you have purchased a TT membership you will have access to the private Facebook group where all the additional materials will be included (you will also be sent an email about this). You will be sent monthly archives whilst you are subscribed to the group with a password to access any additional as required content. You are encouraged to use the group to ask questions, post your work and watch the scheduled lessons, Q&A’s and sessions in the group. You will continue to have access to your class content as long as the TT website is in its lifespan. 

Upon cancellation of your membership, you will be removed from the Facebook group and will no longer have access to the additional content in this group or the new content offered in this group.

No, we don’t offer refunds because as soon as your payment is processed you have access to download all of the content. We offer the FREE class so that you can test the class environment and type of content to see how the class is run. If you join the membership/support group there is NO ongoing commitment to this group you can opt out of this at any time.

There are 3 types of payments types either a one-off flat fee for class content, a membership fee or a yearly fee – for more information please read here How it works?

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