Techniques Tutor has been created by Artist & Illustrator, Belinda Lindhardt.

Acrylics Basics Online Class - Screenshot - ExcerciseThe Techniques Tutor (TT) website consists of online classes for learning art techniques in a self-paced class from the comfort of home.  It is ALSO an optional membership programme for ongoing live tutorials, guidance and support that you can work with in addition to the self-paced classes on this website. This part of the TT has been specifically designed for those who wish to ask questions, be inspired and have the interaction and ongoing support with Belinda and other class participants that you would normally get in a live class.


From Belinda,

I am passionate about helping people connect with their creative selves and gain confidence in their artistic journey as I myself have gained much healing from doing this also. I also know that not everyone wants to be in a group class or become an artist to do this for a career, many just want to have fun and enjoy creating but some just need a little support and someone to show them how. Coming from a non-traditional art background many of my own skills have been self-taught and I am a student of learning and sharing art techniques online and I am so grateful for the many artists who have shared their techniques with me. 

During the past 10 years, I have taught many live classe to both kids & adults and attended many live classes myself.  I have spent alot of time & consideration in structuring the Techniques Tutor classes so that they fit in for busy people who are not from a traditional art background & for people who just want to jump in and get the basics.  A big important part of this service is to be able to provide support and motivation once you take the initial class so that you can ask questions, learn and find that inspires you!


I have been approached my many people to come and teach an art class in their area but due to other family commitments I just can’t get there, so TT is a way for me to connect with others around Australia & around the globe. 

There are 3 ways you can take these classes:

Pay per Class: 

This is a one-off fee for a specific class learning a chosen Technique.  You will gain instant access to all of the class materials just for that 1 class. You may download all of the content and it is yours to keep forever*. The fee for the class varies per class but at June 2018 each class is $48- AU inc GST. The specific details are described in each of the class info pages before you sign up.

All Access Pass – Support Group & Community Membership

This is great if you wish to take a few of the classes and want to participate in the support group. If you take up this option it includes access to ALL classes, available during your membership & 3 months access to the support group which holds monthly inspiration and additional lasses in a private Facebook group >Read more here. The class videos, materials are yours to download & keep forever. Billed every 3 months, cancel at anytime. (note: This will start in August 2018, all members signup in July, have July FREE in the group).

Yearly Pass

 As a special launch offer of the TT website, we are offering an all-access pass for 1 year. Sign up for this and gain access to all classes and the Support & Community Membership programme and everything that happens on the TT website in the year. – Limited time offer. Price is $165- AU inc GST for the year.  

Billing & Payments

Billing is done via credit card or stripe when you signup for your class. Due to the nature of these classes, you will gain access to all of the materials instantly. Please see our FAQs for more information. If you are unsure please take our FREE class to see if this is for you. 

Do you have more questions?
Please check out our >Frequently Asked Questions or contact our TT team on > email.

*Just a little note on copyright, this content is for your personal use only. You may not share the content with anyone unless you have written permission not only is it against the law but i have spent so much time putting this content together in honour of that i would love for you to just keep it to yourself. If you have a friend who might like this please ask Belinda about a discount for your friend in our affiliate program.