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Welcome to the Techniques Tutor

  • Are you looking to be more creative in your life, but just don’t know where to start?


  • Do you ever feel out of your comfort zone in art groups or find yourself saying “I am not an artist”.


  • Do you want to start at the beginning and learn the basics?


  • Do you live a busy life with other commitments and want to do something creative at your own pace?


  • Do you need gentle support and encouragement to keep you motivated and on track but not a bombardment prompts that make you feel like your falling behind?


If your answer to just one of these questions is YES, then you are among friends! I am glad your here and I am looking forward sharing the Techniques Tutor with you. 

The Techniques Tutor is a series of online art tutorial classes run by me –  Artist & Illustrator Belinda Lindhardt. My approach to art is intuitive and down-to-earth practical. I haven’t been to art school and don’t have an art degree, in fact I failed to get into a design degree at TAFE because I couldn’t draw!!!
Since then, have however become a student of study but more that that EXPERIMENTATION and learning. After lots of practice and a bit of paint, It became apparent to me that I really wanted to do was share all that I have learnt with others.  Since that day i first taught a class about 8 years ago I have worked with 100’s of people in live art classes.


My class attendees have told me they really have resonated with a few differences in my classes to most, these are:

  • my empathetic approach which considers that many people learn different ways, and that i am not trying to make you learn my way
  • creativity is to be enjoyed in many different ways and you can still have a go and see what works for you despite not having the art degree
  • confidence and knowledge on the practical applications of different materials and techniques which then allows yourself to have fun explore and See what happens!!! – It’s ok its only a bit of paint and paper!!!


WHO IS BELINDA? Over the years I have developed a unique method of teaching art. They have been based on my own experiences and methods i have taught both adults and children across a variety of mediums and levels. Art does take practice and sometimes the hardest bit is just getting started.  Many of the people I  meet  aren’t interested in an art career, they just like to enjoy being creative and are looking for new ways to learn how to do things and become inspired.

LEARN THE BASICS  – Techniques Tutor is a series of online classes in have been designed to cater for people who enjoy experimenting their creativity but have limited time and want to jump in and learn the fundamentals. Perhaps you want to learn how to use acrylics? How to use your coloured pencils? Or how to use mixed media? Or maybe you don’t know what you would like to do your just curious to see what jumps out at you and sparks your interest

WANT TO DIVE IN DEEPER?  There are also additional classes those with a bit more time on their hands who want a detailed view of a specific art technique. You can jump in and out often as you like and ofcourse its fine to watch a video or read some instructions but the real work happens when you give it a go…

SUPPORTING YOU! Included in the classes I also provide a GENTLE support group for support along the way for you to post questions, queries via our private facebook group.

There will be prompts and Q&A sessions for you to follow along if you wish. If thats not your thing,  that’s ok too. The class is yours to keep forever for the time you decide to come back.

How does that sound? Are you ready?

The Techniques Tutor (Belinda) is currently putting these lessons together. I will be adding to it over time but first installment is aimed to go live in April 2018.


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WHO is: The Techniques Tutor – Belinda Lindhardt

Belinda is a Sydney, Central Coast NSW artist & illustrator and has been teaching art techniques for over 8 years and a professional artist for over 15.  Belinda’s is a multidisciplinary artist working across drawing, painting, traditional & digital methods in just about all materials such as Watercolour, Inks, Acrylics, Pen, Pencils, Oils. She paints in a variety of contrasting styles like Abstract, Semi Abstract & Realism & across a variety of subjects such as Landscapes, Portraits, Intuitive & Beach / Water inspired by her natural environment in which she lives. This brings alot to her classes attendees as she can adapt to range of methods and doesn’t just stick to the one way of doing things. Her missions is to foster creativity through her art & her teachings.

Belinda has a relaxed and intuitive approach to art & creativity that can be very welcoming for beginner and intermediate creative people who are not traditionally from academic art background.

Below are a few examples of her work. See more of Belinda’s work at