Once you have purchased a class the class is yours to keep forever. You can download the class materials and watch them later or you can login to your account and view the content of the classes available at your time of purchase.

If you have purchased a TT membership you will have access to the private Facebook group where all the additional materials will be included (you will also be sent an email about this). You will be sent monthly archives whilst you are subscribed to the group with a password to access any additional as required content. You are encouraged to use the group to ask questions, post your work and watch the scheduled lessons, Q&A’s and sessions in the group. You will continue to have access to your class content as long as the TT website is in its lifespan. 

Upon cancellation of your membership, you will be removed from the Facebook group and will no longer have access to the additional content in this group or the new content offered in this group.